2016-06-02 Newstarquartz In News

Quartz is often considered a preferable option to granite, and it’s easy to see why. Quartz will provide you a durable, sustainable, and graceful option for your kitchen countertop.   Quartz is e […]

2016-06-01 Newstarquartz In News

Granite countertops are quarried naturally from the earth as enormous chunks of stone. After they leave the quarry they are cut and polished into the familiar countertop shape. Quartz countertops cont […]

2016-05-30 Newstarquartz In News

The itinerary is all set. You worked hard to create the perfect menu and set a stunning table, all in a effort to showcase the expensive new feature hanging in the living room. The wine is decanted an […]

2016-05-26 Newstarquartz In News

On first glance, every countertop looks the same. There may be different colors and different characteristics, but if you are planning a remodeling project you should be familiar with the differences […]

2016-05-25 Newstarquartz In News

Do you love quartz as much as we do? Its combination of stunning beauty and low-maintenance requirements makes it the preferred surface of many homeowners and designers. Whether looking at a quartz co […]

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