2016-06-14 Newstarquartz In News

Quartz countertops can be absolutely stunning but can you afford one? In order to help you decide whether you can go ahead now and purchase the quartz counter of your dream or whether you should conti […]

2016-06-14 Newstarquartz In News

Engineered stone is typically worked in the same way as natural stone using a water jet cutter or a diamond blade. This is in contrast with solid surface materials which can be cut with regular saws. […]

The kitchen backsplash is often seen as one of the best opportunities to really be creative with your design. It’s a chance to play with a variety of colors, textures and patterns that might be seen a […]

2016-06-07 Newstarquartz In News

Why does granite seemed to be so much more popular than quartz? Back in the 1990s, granite officially became a status symbol in the world of countertops. You had “made it” once you owned a counter tha […]

2016-06-05 Newstarquartz In News

Quartz is one of the most well known minerals on Earth. Quartz countertops are man made and composed of a mixture of natural minerals and resin. The typical Quartz to resin ratio is 93% Quartz to 7% r […]

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