Rising in popularity in recent years, quartz surfacing just might be giving the ever-popular granite a run for its money when it comes to countertop materials. As architects and builders have moved fr […]

When it comes to choosing countertops, materials like granite and quartz are often at the top of people’s wish lists. Today, I want to discuss another great option that often gets overlooked—solid sur […]

2016-07-01 Newstarquartz In News

When it comes to countertops, granite is the champion. MSN reported in 2012 that a whopping 75% of new kitchens included granite countertops. But if granite is the champion, the #1 challenger has to b […]

June is a happy and relax month, there are activities in Newstar.   In Children’s day, every Newstar team members prepared food that they favorite dishes when they were children. Dumplings, […]

Since you’ve been searching for the perfect countertop for your project, you might still be scratching your head when it comes to choosing between quartz and solid surface countertops. Although both o […]

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