2016-08-03 Newstarquartz In News

Quartz countertops are generally low maintenance. Daily cleaning requires nothing more than a wipe with water and some soap. The surface isn’t very susceptible to stains so they can be easily removed […]

2016-07-28 Newstarquartz In News

Dust and ash can easily build on the artificial stone inside your home. To really enjoy the beauty of your stone, you will need to clean it. Cleaning artificial stones is an easy process that uses mat […]

2016-07-20 Newstarquartz In News

Quanzhou is one of 18 typical regions, and it was named “International Garden City”, “National Garden City”, and it also award for best practices by the United Nations of Dubai […]

2016-07-10 Newstarquartz In News

Advantages of artificial stone is its durability, weight and easy installation, however, do you known how to it? If no, the following installation guide would be helpful. 1) Before application lay sto […]

It’s easy for us to talk up the wonders of quartz and granite. You probably wouldn’t expect anything less from us, right? After all, we sell these surfacing products. This is why it’s helpful—for us a […]

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