Maintenance Methods

Quartz stone countertop maintenance methods and precautions

1. Use clean water to wash countertop of cupboard. At least once a week is recommended.

2. Food or most household stains can be wiped with sponge or wet cloth dipped with a little cleanser or soapy water, and then cleaned with clean water.

3. If the countertop contacts non-neutral cleanser or chemical solvent, please wash it with clean water immediately.

4. If the countertop has stickum difficult to clean, such as rubber, nail polish and paint, use a knife to gently remove it.

5. Newstarquartz surface features very high anti-scalding ability. In daily life, cigarette ends, pan breeze will not hurt the countertop. However, all materials have the characteristics of expansion and contraction. Local overheat would cause accidental damages to internal materials of Newstarquartz, so avoid local overheat during application of Newstarquartz.

6. Avoid contact of strong chemicals with Newstarquartz, such as hydrofluoric acid, NaOH, etc.

7. Long-term exposure to the sun will have curtain influence on the luster of Newstarquartz.

8. Prevent heavy matters from directly falling onto the Newstarquartz countertop. Impact of heavy matters of knocking of sharp edges may cause damages to the surface and the material itself.


Quartz stone wall surface maintenance method

According to surface adsorption dust, if necessary, use a vacuum cleaner to remove surface dust, or use a dry cotton cloth to wipe to light. To have besmirch place emphasis on clean, hard to remove stain: need to use organic cleaning agents is clean seams between quartz, especially inverted edge and chamfering the remnants of marble glue, etc. Seam not neat place construction process to produce scratches where need to use hand machine or by hand using sandpaper, buffing pondereth again. The gap filling defect repair.

If the overall luminosity, wax the surface integral can be maintained. Note:do not wash.


Daily maintenance of floor

1. for stores and such places with large stream of people, two-stage dust pads should be used at each entrance-aluminum alloy dust pad out of the entrance, and water absorption dust pad inside the entrance. Reduce outdoor sand and dust and stains that reach the quartz stone floor.

2. Clean and remove dust at loast twice a week, and once a day in some areas. Use dry method to remove floor dust; use steel wool/wet cloth to remove stains difficult to clean.

3. Check the dust pads at entrances every day, use vacuum cleaner to remove stains on floor in time.

4. mirror treatment: to keep all-day brightness and cleanness of floor, please carry out periodical crystal face treatment according use coditions. Common maintenance cycle: 2-5 times per year for common areas; 1-2 times per season for places with large stream of people, such as lobby entrance and corridors.

5. Refurbishment: The advantage of quartz stone lies in possibility of refurbishment. If serious floor damages occur due to long-term use, do moderate or mild refurbishment to recover brand-new stone effects.

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