1. What is Newstarquartz?

Newstarquartz is one of the brands of Newstarstone which is specialized in stone industry with 22 years.

Newstarquartz is professional in supplying quartz in high quality and there are more than 150 colors to choose. Meanwhile, Newstarquartz can offer you various sizes, thickness, face and edge processing, to satisfy different demands from customers all over the world.


2. What is quartz?

The quartz in Newstarquartz is combined 94%-95% natural quartz with little resin dyes. It’s a non-porous stone and it’s much harder and has stronger scratch hardness than natural quartz.


3. Why choose Newstarquartz?

This is the right thing that a clever customer will do. We are in the line of stone for more than 20 years and we supply and process quartz over 15 years. For that, we could provide more colors and edge processing types than others’, and know better about customers’ preference from different countries.

Newstarquartz has own fabricating factory in Shuitou, so that we can take effective control of our products and supply more high-quality goods at lower price.


4. Where Newstarquartz can be used?

We strongly advise you to make the Newstarquartz into countertop or vanity top because it’s anti-microbes, waterproof and scratch-resistant. Besides, we also recommend making it into indoor floor or wall. But it is not so good to used in outdoor for its weakness in UV resistance.


5. Whether the color can be customized in Newstarquartz?

Newstarquartz have the ability to make different colors of quartz according to customers. You should not only send us the picture but also the sample, and the quantity should not be too less, so that we can make the color you need. You can get the detail from our sales.


6. What are the advantages of Newstarquartz?

Compared with some common stones, Newstarquartz has many advantages. It’s heat resisting, scratch resisting, anti-pollution, no color difference, non-toxic and non-radiation. There are many different colors and processing types to choose.

In addition, we keep developing new technology, like the skill to prevent dirt and UV in full surface of the stone. Also, except the original advantages, the new aluminum honeycomb design make the quartz having high degree of adhesion and hypobaric. It is not easy to be bended and out of shape. These new skills improve the interacting degree between quartz tiles and cement to reduce the cost of construction.


7. How can I purchase the product from Newstarquartz?

You can contact us by phone or email to send your demands. It will be nice of you if you give us more information. Our professional support staff will communicate with you to get detail. The things include:

1) The color No. you want. And send us the sample if you want us to do special colors.
2) The size or design. It will be better if you can send us the document in CAD or other formats.
3) The quantity and delivery time. We can offer you more correct price based on it.


8. What should be noticed when using Newstarquartz?

Although Newstarquartz is excellent in many ways, we still need to advise you to do some maintenance for it.

1)    Don’t make the product installed, changed, cut, punched or polished by some unprofessional people.
2)    Don’t stamp casually on the surface of the quartzite
3)    Avoid making the hot appliance and heating source contact with the quartzite directly. The surface of the quartzite is not easy to be burned but we still need to do some heat insulation.
4)    Don’t hit it with some heavy things or sharp objects, especially in some weak part.
5)    Gently scrape when something sticks on it. Try to choose some neutral detergent if necessary and clean with fresh water in time after washing.
6)    It will make some influence in its glossiness if exposing under strong sun shine for a long time.
Remarks: It may be something different in producing time, delivery time, container size or payment term according to different products and customer demands. Please contact with service staff to get the detail.

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