NewStar Quartz has eight big advantage.


1. High Heat-resistance

The natural quartz content of newstarquartz is 94% – 95% and the melting point of natural quartz is above 1300 degrees. After mixing a small amount of material,it is still a high heat-resistance material.


2. High anti-scrape

The hardness of Newstarquartz is above 6 of the Mohs Hardness.Usually the home used tool is more difficult to scratche and wear it.


3. Anti-corrosion

Newstarquartz has excellent anti-corrosion,  and the acid – alkali products uesd in day life is not enough to damage it.


4. High Stain-resist

Newstarquartz is produced under vacuum and high pressure. The surface is non-porous, non water-absorption and high stain-resist.


5. Anti-tarnishing

Newstarquartz uses natural mineral pigments, the color is hard to be oxidized and corroded, and is not easy to fade.


6. Non-toxic and non-radiation

Before being synthesized, Newstarquartz selects the raw material and remove the heavy metal impurities by pickling, so there is non-radiation.  In the following processings, no chemical treatments has been held, the purely physical repression make it a completely environmentally friendly materials.


7. Optional multi-color

The optional color of newstarquartz is more than 150 kinds and still in increasing in gradually. On the basis of popularity,we add new color constantly. Meanwthile, we accept customization.


8. Optional multi-processing

Newstarquartz offers a variety of edge finishing, surface finishing, paint-coat, composite etcs. We also would like to do the best to meet the customers’ individual requirements.

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