What’s the Difference Between Quartz and Quartzite?

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What’s the Difference Between Quartz and Quartzite?


Some people even think that they’re the same stone. Neither of these assumptions is true.

They are similar because the base material used is the same. Here’s a deeper look at these popular countertop options that you may not find at your local home hardware.

What is Quartzite?

According to Mineral Education Coalition, Quartzite is a metamorphic rock, rather like marble, that is formed from pure quartz sandstone through metamorphism .

Essentially, quartz sandstone is subjected to an immense amount of heat and pressure under the ground; this causes individual grains of quartz to compact tightly together. This rock is formed naturally and can be found in all corners of the world. Stones from Brazil and India are particularly prized.

What is Quartz?

According to The Kitchn, QUARTZ is engineered by man using a mixture containing 90% ground quartz, with 8 to 10% resin, some polymers, and pigments. This process forms an extremely resilient, etch-resistant stone with a glass-like sheen to it.

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