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Newstar Quartz is a leading manufacturer of quartz products at China, also is one of the subsidiaries of Newstar Stone, which has a long history in stone products. Newstar Quartz focuses on quartz slab and countertop manufacturing for residential and commercial projects, and its strong and professional team is able to work out you every engineering drawing. The factory covers an area of more than 215200sqft, and owns fully automatic production lines, the annual output of quartz slabs are reach to 6546000sqft..

Newstar quartz slab sizes include: 3000mm*1400mm; 3200mm*1600mm; 2400mm*1200mm; 3000mm*1200mm. Any special measurement as per your requirement can be finished. Its color ranges from pure color, multicolor, to imitation marble including Sahara, Pacific, Baikal, Donau, Amazon, over 200 colors, is able to meet the individual needs of customers from all around the world. In the past years, its quartz has been mainly export to the US, Canada, Australia and Europe, which make it sure to find out the best seller color for the different local market. And customized color could also be done here. Newstar Quartz is aiming to improving product quality, offering high quality price and eliminating language barriers.

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